The Mortgage Phoenix Group is here to help home buyers purchase the home they want, with the tools & lending information they need to make an intelligent borrowing decision.

Close with Confidence & Peace of Mind

We bring a whole-new and refreshing alternative to home loan lending. Since it’s likely to be the largest financial decisions that you make in your life, it’s important that we get it right. We’re here to loan you the money you need, while helping you make a lending decision that creates prosperity for you and your family for years to come.

Smart Lending in Rancho Cucamonga, The Mortgage Phoenix Group

Smart Lending

Unique to the Mortgage Phoenix Group, is our 7 Principles for Financial Freedom. This is where we go beyond lending and into spreading financial prosperity. Teaching you what you need to know about getting into a home with a mortgage that is optimized for your personal situation.

Retirement and Milestone Tracking for home loans Rancho Cucamonga, The Mortgage Phoenix Group

Milestone Tracking

Once you’re in your home, you now have a valuable asset under your name. This means that you will have leverage as your home’s value trends over time. By keeping track of your investment, we will guide you through various milestones will allow you to lower your monthly payments and/or cut years off your mortgage term.


4 Keys to

Intelligent Borrowing

Rainy days are real and having a safety-net for you and your family is the best way to protect yourself. At the Mortgage Phoenix Group, our goal is to leave you with as much money in your pocket as possible. This will assure that you can confidently carry the monthly mortgage payments even when the unexpected happens.


Know Your Numbers

As the best known vehicle to achieving prosperity, homeownership needs to be understood to create that possibility! This is why we use our industry knowledge to help you make an informed decision.


Before you start home shopping, receive actual confirmation that the bank will approve your loan amount. This unique advantage increases negotiating power on your offer when competing with other potential buyers.


Be confident and close knowing that you are making the right borrowing decision. We’ll stay true to helping you choose the best home buying experience possible.


As long as you decide – We'll be your mortgage planner for life. Over time, we'll be the trusted advisor that stands in your corner. Helping you manage and reduce the risk of your property.

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Changing the way the world does business.

By embodying the role as your Mortgage Planner & being rooted in Philanthropy—The Mortgage Phoenix Group sets a higher standard of service, that serves as a blueprint for companies around the world.

Philanthropy in Rancho Cucamonga, through The Mortgage Phoenix Group

Our Mission

“Spread Prosperity”

We believe that using the power of business in the service of love, is what holds the key to humanity’s next evolution.

Rooted and founded in philanthropy—our love for humanity is the driving force behind everything we do.